EugeneZelenko ( talk ) 14:03, (UTC) Perhaps you know someone who can view and mark the video.
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EugeneZelenko ( talk ) 15:46, 21 February 2013 (UTC) Thank You.
(readmin) is scheduled to close on May 20th.Please don't forget to put all your arguments on deletion request page.If you think it belongs to the copyright owner, please feel free to pass.You could create similar image based on OpenStreetMap.I see that all of the photos and advertisements I posted on Wikipedia Commons were deleted, somewhat unnecessarily as they are all my personal property, belonging to the archives of the Perrier family of which I am the sole proprietor since 2009.Encrypted AlKass three HD Frequency and Polarisation 11938 V SR, FEC and modulation 27500 5/6 DVB-S qpsk Satellite Nilesat 201 7,0O Beam 201 Ku-Band New FEC : now 5/6, before 3/4.Alumiver Menuiseries Aluminium Miroiterie Chantonnay 85 9, alumiver promo codes nike store online alumiver menuiseries aluminium miroiterie chantonnay.Hedwig in Washington (mail?) 15:37, (UTC) There is no article about company in Russian Wikipedia.

Produits architecturaux de haute qualité, 8 alumiver menuiseries aluminium miroiterie chantonnay.Eric Walter ( talk ) 08:30, (UTC) Done - EugeneZelenko ( talk ) 14:43, (UTC) Merci!Sorry for all inconveniences, but I hope, they have good side too :-) At least high-resolution images will be useful for those who will want additional post-processing or printed versions.When it is about that picture I uploaded today, I have sent a mail to get a license, because I don't want to be blocked, because I saw that previous message after I uploaded.Now DVB-S2 8PSK 2/3 (modulation and FEC).Thanks for uploading File:USA-San Jose-Old Santa Clara County Court.Me gustaria saber la razón por la que fue borrada y si es posible que yo pueda subirla otra vez.
You don't need to bother in my s wrong, without mentioning anything you have deleted the file.
They did edit _that_ one.

EugeneZelenko ( talk ) 15:48, (UTC) Thank you. .
Télé Lumière in Lebanon and, since 2003, under the name Noursat by satellite.