Tuxedo Cats, which require 8 blue vouchers, 20 green ones, 8 purple and 4 golden ones each.
But things are getting more expensive.
Players can code promotion bijourama obtain vouchers by: Buying vouchers, vouchers can also be bought using diamonds : 15 for a green one 30 for a blue one 50 for a purple one and 80 for a golden one.Buy items from the, daily Dirt at low prices and sell high.Palomino Horses, which require 10 blue vouchers, 10 purple and 5 golden ones each.They are testing the Movie Ticket outmeaning only a select few actually get this.Level 46 329,656 Dollars.Take a look below to find some of the ways to get vouchers.Read more about each type here: Main article: Green Voucher, main article: Blue Voucher.How To Get Vouchers In Hay Day.They can be obtained from, mystery Boxes, the.Types of voucher, vouchers come in four colors.Fountains, which require 2 blue ones and 1 purple one each.Vouchers are a type of currency used to buy pets and certain decorations, and produce some fishing lures.
Using vouchers, players uefa champions league tirage au sort demi finale 2018 can use vouchers to buy pets and decorations, and to make fishing lures.
Unfortunately they cant undo speed ups, or accidental purchases in the game.

Purchase them, i now have 365,965 banked.From the easiest to get to the rarest: green Green Voucher blue Blue Voucher purple Purple Voucher golden Golden Voucher, obtaining vouchers.So there is a light at the end of the tunnel as money is concerned.Leafy trees, which require 3 blue vouchers each.1) You can get 1-2 diamonds every time you gain a level.They will not always be in a tool box but you will sometimes find one in there.Blue lures are made in the.Selling items you make in your.Fluffy Bunnies, which require 12 blue vouchers, 12 green ones and 1 golden one each.So how do you get more vouchers.
Anatolian Donkeys, which require 2 blue vouchers, 2 green ones, 2 purple and 20 golden ones each.

Diamonds are used to accelerate production timers, expand production queues and buy missing items.