Action HD 720p at 60fps, full HD 1080p at 30fps, Tall HD 960p at 30fps, continuous stills every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds.
With any kind of speed above about 30-40km/h, wind noise overwhelms the cameras internal mic and you wont be able to capture any usable audio.
The roam 2 is visually similar to the aforementioned.
Contour roam 2: Video quality, settings, and performance.Mounts slot into the grooves at the base of the camera, and this keeps it rock steady.You will have to consider the 349 Contour2 if you want those added code promo nespresso fr features but what is striking about the Contour roam2 is Contours general interest in expanding their niche audience.Maybe its asking too much, but some quick controls on the actual device would be a huge improvement over the current setup.Sarah Tew/cnet, two adhesive mounts should be enough to get you started, but if you require something more, Contour has plenty of others that use its rail-mounting system, or you can take advantage of the quarter-inch threaded tripod mount in the bottom.Widescreen mode letterbox, lCD screen size.0in, viewfinder type, n/A, video lamp,.Theres no power button on the roam 2, since its always in an instant-on sleep mode, waiting to start shooting when you click that switch forwards.The lack of mobile connectivity can be a setback unless you are fine with USB transfers.The mounts are pricey depending on the package, but they start at around 30 for something as basic as the headband mount and cost as much as 100, at the time of review, for the moto mounts.Contour roam2 represent a niche market where their main purpose is to allow hands-free video recording and photo shooting so you can freely ride your bike or practice other extreme sports while recording exactly what you are witnessing.Since the Contour Roam 2 lacks a viewfinder or LCD screen to line up, there is an automatic laser alignment tool on the top of the lens and at the base of the camera.

The top of the Contourroam2 features an indicator which is one of the interesting improvements over its predecessor.It comes in four colors, black, blue, red, and green, and features multiple mounting options.Basic Specifications, rating recording, optical zoom.0x, digital zoom 0x, sensor pixels 5,000,000.It is compatible with the.Tough and waterproof, and great-looking, too.Final Words The Contourroam2 is a great product to consider if you want to witness how it is like to record first-person videos.Speed run test - best viewed full-screen at 1080p.It is equipped to shoot 1080p HD video and has an adjustable 270 degree viewing angle, so no matter how it is mounted, with one twist of the lens, the shot comes out right side.
The camera only has two real controls.
Popular digital cameras are not without their accessories and some accessories like the electronic viewfinder and waterproof case can expand the capabilities of the camera.