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Coupons of this type are not applicable on the réduction cinéma cgr following brands: watt, Max Protein, Victory Endurance, Weider.
This type of coupon remains valid for 12 months after being created.
If a coupon of this type is applied, the client is excluded from any new store credit accumulation in case a new money-back campaign is in force.What they have in common with typical promotional campaign coupons, is that they are provided as part of a promotional campaign made available by Prozis to the client.This payment method is not available in all countries.Commercial coupons, commercial coupons are created after correspondence between the client and the Client Support Service, in exchange for feedback, suggestions for improvement, and complaints.Promotional campaign coupons, these allow clients to benefit from promotions made available through Prozis' direct communication channels such as e-mails or social networks, or through partners, athletes or representatives of Prozis.Money back coupons, these coupons were developed to allow the clients of Prozis to manage their purchases better.After their activation, money back coupons remain valid for a period of 90 days.Coupons of this type can only be applied once.Inscrivez-vous pour recevoir par e-mail une sélection des meilleurs deals chaque jour - 10, o10Voir le code promoVoir le code promoVoir le code promo.
The coupon codes can be either alphanumerical or only alphabetical.

Whenever a product is returned to Prozis that was purchased within the context of a Money-back campaign, the credit that was accumulated through that purchase is to be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed, in all cases where the resulting coupon has already been.Nos meilleurs deals dans vos e-mails?Coupons of this type are provided in the form of either an alphanumerical or an alphabetical code.Vous voulez recevoir les deals inratables via.Codes promo Prozis les plus récents: Réduction, détails et conditions du code promo.This way, the client can choose the type of coupon that best serves his/her wishes and needs.In other words, by placing an order and applying a coupon resulting from a previous money-back campaign, the client will not accumulate any credit through the campaign that is in force at the time of order placement.Plus d'infos, mASVoir le code promoVoir le code promoVoir le code promo - 50 -30Voir le code promoVoir le code promoVoir le code promo.
This happens approximately 3 weeks after the order is delivered.
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