Tinged with frustration and angst echoed by many girls enveloppe cadeau origami orgs striving to Spark Change and light a fire for industry accountability, shes a stalwart publisher of positive media for girls putting forth the million dollar elephant in the living room question of how to team.
Develop story lines, images, characters, programs, and products that promote healthy attitudes toward women, masculinity, relationships, and sexuality.
Work with advocates, parents, and researchers in the fields of sexual assault and domestic violence to promote music, music videos, and music Web sites that reflect values consistent with ending violence against women promo kaspersky internet security and girls.Aligned orgs like: About-Face, m, Packaging Girlhood, Hardy Girls, Healthy Women etc.G-string bikinis and thongs in size 6X, provocative poses and boy-toy messages didnt just get there on their own.And even if it can, in a global community of always on media, this is international in scope and systemic in impact Should it be celebrity driven with Geena Davis gender equity thinktanks and Hollywood and industry researchers and stakeholders?So Sexy So Soon provides in-depth analysis of the medias effect on impressionable kids, and gives parents the information, skills, and confidence they need to play a proactive role with their children around sexual issues.Basically, how can we team together to support girls?Media images stick and they get there in a rapid cognition blink.A Misogynistic Misfire-MTV2 Pussycat Dolls Vamp for Lame TV-the F Word is Feminist?Again, please post your ideas on what we can do together.

Celeb Pop Culture and Medias Tipping Point of Toxicity Hollywood Walk of LameVictorias Secret Models Earn Star?Related Reading on Shaping Youth by Amy Jussel (yes, just a wee bit vehement about this crud) Girls Are Not Candies, Tweens Are Not Teens, Thongs Are Not Undies Sexualization Summit to Spark Change!Erotic Innocence: The Culture of Child Molesting for corporate pedophilia fashion is crossing the line into grotesque desensitization when no holds barred imagery is put forth sans moral compass for deeper examination.How can we support safe media, fight negative media, and assure positive media for girls?Beyond the fragmentation of advocacy on such a colossal task Id like to give some serious mindshare to the idea of the Spark Change movement forming by youth for youth at the first ever Spark Summit and the Powered By Girl Facebook group and.org site.Mommy, Why Are Her Legs Spread Like That?Just ping me to take a peek: amy at shapingyouth dot org.Its yet another candid exposure of reckless, feckless industry hipsters that place profit over public health regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire of the media blast zone.How many times have you heard that turn of phrase relating to everything from hotel smashing rockers and hiphop thuggery to mind-bending visual assaults on the senses from advertising and pop culture?Media has a huge role in curbing violence and exploitation of women and children.
(dont miss the comments sections, some great points are made).

Maybe you dont see the porcelain doll smashed to smithereens or tears of a clown/painted lady imagery that comes across my desk daily (check this, media Watch video if you want a 2 minute summary of whats wrong with this picture).
Oh, and for funa plug for positivity in the fashion realm to leave on a positive media messaging note today: T-shirt Alternatives/Worthy Positive Products: Tee-Party Post Featuring All Things Girl Like: Have more to add?